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Organic – Our Way of Life

Rest & Recharge: Body, Mind and Soul – ORGANIC life. 

Our working farm has a total of 50 ha forest area, 17 ha pastures, and a total of 115 ha. Our meadows are mowed twice a year to produce our own organic hay for our cattle. Our cows are milked twice per day. We use the milk produce to further process into yoghurt and curd cheese. Since 2020 we have further been producing cheese, the Kalsertaler Cheese and Camembert. All surplus milk is picked up on the second day for further processing by the Tirol-Milch company. 


During summer, our cows spend the hot summer months up at the "Alm" alpine hut in the Dorfertal. The lush alpine meadows with natural herbs, milder climate, and freedom to roam in safety are the secrets to our excellent milk and milk produce

The young cattle enjoy the alpine meadows at the Teischnitztal at the foot of the Großglockner mountain.



Our resident pigs stay at home at the Taurer stables during summer. They always delight at visits from all our young guests and even more when they are being fed by them. During winter, the cows & calves return back to the stables. There is plenty of work to ensure our animals are cared for.


Older children can lend us a helping hand to learn more about farm work. Simply ask farmer Hans or farmer Martin and they will be delighted to show you around.

Organic Farm Products

Spectacular natural setting throughout the seasons, with Austria's highest mountain as a backdrop. Be immersed by the lush, green, alpine meadows, roaring streams with clean water, crystal-clear mountain air, as well as a southern climate here in Kals.


We are proud farmers, and we truly love what we do. We love nature and living in nature's rhythm. Our secret ingredient to our tasty milk products is true passion. We cultivate and conserve the land to the best of our ability, steadily improving our craft while preserving nature. We plant regional fruit and vegetables, and let our cattle graze on the finest natural high-alpine meadws. Farmers with generations of experience, handed-down recepies, traditions, and ideas, not to mention the most important, genuine care & love for nature and animals. This is our recipe for our unique regional produce straight from our organic farm.




Mit Sicherheit ein gutes Gefühl im Landhaus Taurer

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