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Hiking in the Mountaineers’ Village Kals

250 km of the most beautiful walking and hiking trails of the valley can be found around our house. An example of this could be the “Kalser Rundwanderweg” (the circular footpath of Kals).

All alpine summit tours will ensure tons of unforgettable experiences and discoveries.

There are also 11 operated huts and alpine pastures offering food and rest times.





The Grossglockner

At 3,798 metres, it is the highest mountain in Austria and the most breathtaking natural monument in the region.

1800 marks the year in which the first ascent of the Grossglockner took place. An expedition led by Prince-Bishop Franz Xaver Count Salm-Reifferscheid, pastor Horrasch from Döllach and the brothers Klotz made it to the top for the very first time.

There are endless possibilities and several different levels of difficulty!

Your host Johann Rogl is more than happy to advise you. As a mountain and ski guide, he knows the Grossglockner like the back of his hand.




Hohe Tauern National Park

The Hohe Tauern National Park is a national park in a rather extreme position. Despite the harsh living conditions, the Hohe Tauern host a variety of biotope types that cannot be found anywhere else in Austria. Some of them belong to the most species-rich in the entire alpine region. An example of these biotope types are the colorful mountain marshes.
The Hohe Tauern can be deemed the “roof” of Austria. More than 300 peaks over 3,000 metres of altitude rise into the sky. One of them is the renowned Grossglockner, the highest mountain in our country.

Today, almost 180 km² of the National Park are still covered by glacial ice.

279 natural mountain streams—the lifelines of the landscape—plunge from these high mountains down into the valleys.




Mountaineering and Climbing

Experience the mountains with all their diverse natural phenomena in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park together with one of Kals’ mountain and ski guides.
Through a careful and solid training as well as many years of experience in the alpine area, all mountain and ski guides guarantee a high level of safety. This ensures unforgettable guided mountain tours in the local mountains




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